Dan Beath (optneo) wrote in stargateepisod,
Dan Beath


What did you think of the being inside a game? I that that was so cool. Though I didn't see the episode where they meet the inhabidents of that planet the first time around.

I like the way it really looked like them on the screen. I also liked how it adapted to tel'c. When Daniel would see something and we knew he did even though not seeing it, if your a fan of the show too..., It seemed like the Dead Zone when Johnny has a vision.

I thought it was a well done episode and I think the next one will be too.

Atlantis was fun. I am getting used to Mckay. Though he is still a roal pain in the ass. I think they will get used to him and shut him up faster and get him to talk. I like the direction they are going.

It was rough in the first few but they were establishing the new season and series. I can't wait to see what else happens.

I hope Jack comes back on more missions as time goes on.
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i think the name of the original ep is Gamekeeper ;)

i wanna be the next test subject for that game :D
Me too! Hope that we can get out of it though.