Dan Beath (optneo) wrote in stargateepisod,
Dan Beath

New Season/Atlantis

I am posting because well it's my site. But I want to say that Stargate Atlantis is cool and has promies. I think they need to really push more episodes out or more that deal with the cast. I find that that's the difficulty. I also find some holes that need explaining. I hope that they will explain them in time. That they will review like they did with the pendent that was tracking them (the genetics). Sounds like a great show.

I think Stargate should get back to the main storyline very soon. It has diverted for a time and understandable but I think they need to get back to the Gau'l. They have to get back to basics and Jack needs to fall in line. I know it's ruff but I am done w/ the clumbsness he exibits. I think they are doing a great job though.

If you didn't know RDA is being awarded a medal for portraying the US military in a positive light acording to the TV guide and I think that is GREAT!
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